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At The Massage Studio in Brattleboro, Vermont, I specialize in Therapeutic Mindful Massage; my own unique style incorporating mindfulness, skill, intuition, and a blend of custom massage techniques that have been fine-tuned over the years to help relieve chronic pain associated with stress, repetitive use, posture, surgery, and injury.  

Each session is a new opportunity to address what is happening in the body at the present moment.  I work to bring people’s awareness back into the deep presence of their own being.  This space allows for deep healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically. While nurturing my clients I work to smooth out tension that I feel and palpate through my hands, intuition, and guidance using moment-to-moment awareness.  

vermont massage -- hand massageI encourage clients to give feedback during each session. As I work with each individual the relationship and trust develops enabling the sessions to go deeper and deeper into profound states on relaxation, healing, and transformation. 

My skill is in palpating muscle spasms, trigger points, and adhesions in the muscles and deep fascia of the body while creating an atmosphere of deep relaxation.  I use a combination of myofascial release, relaxation techniques, and trigger point therapy to release pain and discomfort from tight and adhered fascia and muscle spasms.  

Massage techniques can be gentle, moderate, or deep depending on what is most effective and what the client prefers.  I work to unravel the tissue slowly so the work feels relaxing and releasing.  When tissue and muscles has been adhered, under stress, and in spasm for a long time it takes time to release those spams and adhesions in the body.  If the pain pattern is severe or chronic, I recommend several sessions to get the pain pattern and movement pattern to begin to shift.  

Body work is one part of the healing process.  I encourage clients to do their own self-care and commit to the healing process, which takes time.  Communication and understanding is extremely important as everyone responds differently to pressure and massage techniques.  I will make my own recommendations for the session but I rely on the client to communicate their own needs. Even if someone has never received a massage they know their own body better than anyone.  I check in with each client so that I can use the combination of knowledge I receive from my client and my own judgment as a Massage Therapist.

I use different modalities and make adjustments as needed for that individual so that is becomes a very personal process. Some people heal quickly while others it can take a long time depending on the injury, issue, and life style of that individual.  I enjoy working with all the processes whether quick or slow.  

I have found relaxation massage to be very important.  Deep and profound healing can happen in deep states of relaxation. When working with a client I adjust the treatments so they can benefit the most form their sessions and experience different types of massage so they get the best results from working with me over time.


As a Massage Therapist it is my job to be in good health so that I can truly serve, share, and teach the benefits of health and well-being.  I have meditated, practiced yoga, and received body work for years and the effects of my own healing is shared in my work.  My goals focus on increasing relaxation, decreasing pain, and education.  I often refer clients to other health care practitioners where/when appropriate to help in their healing process.  Massage Therapy is an ancient art form that is extremely beneficial and healing…touch is our first basic human need.

massage brattleboroMassage is very important for deep states of relaxation.  Recent studies now show that “feel good hormones” are being released in the blood flow during massage and “stress hormones” decrease.  People feel great on so many levels upon receiving regular body work.  They don’t have as much pain, their energy increases, and they feel more relaxed.

What I have seen over the years of practicing and working with hundreds of clients is stress does the most damage whether it is physical, mental, or emotional.  Massage Therapy creates such a state of well-being it helps us to feel good and make better choices in our lives and take responsibility for our health and well-being. When you feel good you want more of it.  Massage Therapy helps us to remember how to feel good and creates positive body awareness and acceptance.  

I highly recommend everyone receives massage.  We all have stress; however, the more we come back into balance the body and mind can heal.  I have healed my own back, knee, and shoulder injuries with Massage, Relaxation, and Yoga.  I continue to be inspired by the positive effects of Massage Therapy, Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness in my own life and in the life of others.  

Who Benefits from receiving Massage Therapy?

Everyone should receive a massage on a regular basis to receive the most benefit.  The benefits of Massage Therapy are not permanent but progressive over time.  I recommend everyone to receive a massage at least once a month for maintenance and to maintain good health.  I do not consider Massage Therapy a luxury but a necessity for well-being. 

Individuals who have an injury or are in chronic pain I recommend massage once or twice a week until the pain pattern begins to decrease.  At this time I will suggest that clients contact their physician, use appropriate self-care, and see other health care practitioners when needed.  Athletes who are in training I recommend regular massage/stretching/yoga/meditation as it helps muscles recover quickly, prevents injury, and can improve performance.  

brattleboro vermont massage therapist kim timlegeI highly recommend other health care practitioners (Doctors,Nurses, Teachers, Physical Therapists, Massage Therapists,Yoga Teachers, and Therapists) to receive regular massage to maintain their own health and well-being from the demands of working with the public and the input it requires on so many levels.  

For people that have physical jobs that require the same muscle groups to be used repetitively I also recommend regular massage to prevent injury and maintain good health and promote longevity in their careers.  

Most jobs now require people to be sitting at computers which can be extremely difficult on the spine and posture.  Maintaining good health by stretching and getting massage can help to counter balance the negative effects of sitting for long periods of time.  

Pregnant Women benefit tremendously from receiving massage therapy during and after their pregnancy.  It helps to relieve stress, fatigue, and pain patterns associated with pregnancy.  When the mother feels good so does the baby.  

People with injuries such as rotator cuff, hip, knee injuries, sciatica, headaches/migraines, back pain, and neck and shoulder pain Massage Therapy is extremely beneficial to decrease pain, increase relaxation, and improve range of motion in muscles and joint function. 

If someone is undergoing surgery, cancer, or other diseases massage techniques can be modified and adjusted so that the benefits of touch and relaxation can be utilized.  I work with other health care practitioners to insure the safety and well-being of each client.  When the body is undergoing major stress from the above conditions, massage therapy and relaxation techniques can promote a feeling of well-being and ease in the body helping to facilitate and aide in healing and recovering.  

People who suffer from anxiety/depression benefit from Massage Therapy (and yoga, meditation, and mindfulness).  In creating a feeling of well-being in the body and mind from massage it gives a new perspective and a break from the negative thinking that occurs from these conditions.   The “feel good” hormones are being released into the blood stream helping to facilitate a physiological change in the body helping to shift into a more positive mood.  Even if temporary, it can create a feeling of hope and inspiration which can lead to a shift in ones way of being.  They begin to have confidence in themselves that they can feel good in a body.  When you begin to feel good and relaxed you know you can relax and do it again.  Because the mind and body are connected when the body relaxes so can the mind.