the MASSAGE studio - Brattleboro, Vermont massage

Please read carefully… these policies are necessary to provide the best of service in the most healing environment for both myself and my clients. 

What can you expect?

Medical intake… You will be required to fill out a medical history form for your initial massage and regular verbal check-ins after that before each session starts.

Professional manner and ethics… Everything in your session is confidential and all information gathered is used in order to facilitate the best massage session possible. I follow and respect the code of ethics stated in the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association).I create a nurturing, healing, and relaxing environment to create the best conditions that promote deep states of relaxation. 

All natural oils/lotions are used with or without essential oils upon request.

Your session will start and end on time and a 24-hour cancellation will be given to if I need to reschedule your session. 

I will check in with you before, during, and after each session to make adjustments as needed in pressure or techniques.

Recommendations… I will inform you what is the proper amount of massage therapy for your condition and recommend you make the best decision for yourself based on the information I provide.

Referring to other healthcare practitioners/body workers… Often I will make recommendations to other health care practitioners that I think would be of benefit to your healing process.

Recommended home/self-care and education… I will make suggestions that will help aide you in your healing process. I may refer you to certain books, massage services, and share information on Yoga, Meditation, and Mindfulness that might be of interest or beneficial for you.

Arrive on time… please arrive a few minutes early to use the rest room and begin your relaxation process. You will be greeted at the door at the time of your session. If you are late the session will be cut short so that I can be on time for my next client.

24 hour cancellation notice… please provide a 24-hour cancellation notice to reschedule your massage. If no notice is given a fee of $50.00 will be charged. If this becomes a habit the relationship may be terminated.

Communication… please keep me informed about any needs you may have to make your session more enjoyable for you. I have several modalities/strokes that I can vary to accommodate what you prefer. You are the boss on the massage table and I encourage and welcome your feedback.

Refrain from wearing any scented lotions, perfumes, after shave, or cologne. 

Shower before your massage or the day of your massage.

Please reschedule your massage if you have a fever or infection as massage is contraindicated

Please provide me with up to date information regarding your health so that I can adjust my session accordingly. New medications are also important for me to know, especially if it is a blood thinner, a steroid, or if you have received a recent cortisone shot.

New for 2019!
Payment accepted...Checks/Cash
$85.00...60 Min Massage
$120.00...90 Min Massage
$55.00...30 Min Massage

Please provide a 24hr notice to cancel your massage.  The exceptions are illness, weather, or an emergency.  If no notice is given a $50.00 fee will be charged.